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Title Name Academic Background Resume and current position
Member Chi-Lo Meng The Ohio State University Former Vice President, Dean of Research & Development Affairs, Chairman of Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Taipei University of Technology;President, Oriental Institute of Technology
Member Tuen-ho Yang Doctor of Laws UC Berkeley professor, president at the St. John’s University; professor, chairman, director, dean, and president at Fu Jen Catholic University; visiting associate professor at National Chung Hsing University; trustee at Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan. trustee of Judicial Reform Committee at Judicial Yuan; commissioner of the Board of Examiners at Examination Yuan; current position: trustee at CTU, chief advisor of Private Schools Educational Association
Member Tze-Li Kang Master of Chemical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University Professor at the National Taiwan Normal University, National Changhua University of Education, director of the Training Center of Professional and Vocational Education, Dean of the Institute of Industrial Education, department chair, Dean of the College of Technological and Vocational Education, President of the National Changhua University of Education. President of the Dahan Institute of Technology. Current position: Trustee of CTU
Member Chia-ming Hsu Doctor of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany Former professor of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Automatic Control Engineering, Feng Chia University (FCU), Head, Department of Industrial Engineering, FCU, Dean of Graduate School, Institute of Industrial Engineering, FCU,  Head, Department of Automatic Control Engineering, FCU, Dean of Graduate School, Institute of Automatic Control Engineering, FCU, Executive Secretary, Automation Steering Group of the Executive Yuan, General Director, Mechanical Industry Research Labs, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Executive Secretary, Automation Implementation Team, Ministry of Economic Affairs,  President, Xindian Automation Company, Director, Automation Technology Center, Yuan Ze University, Director, the National Space Program Office of the Executive Yuan, Chief Engineer, Daming Machinery Company, Executive Secretary, Development Planning Group, National Science & Technology Association Space Planning Office, Board of Director, Chienkuo Institute of Technology (5th to 10th Sessions), President, Chienkuo Technology University
Member Hong-Sen Yan Ph.D. of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University , USA Senior Research Engineer of General Motor, USA , associate professor of the State University of New York, Stony Brook, professor of department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University . Current position: chair professor of the National Cheng Kung University
Member Huo-cheng Yang Taiwan Provincial Fengyuan Commercial Vocational School, Business Management Division, Junior High School

Former salesman in the central region of United Ceramics Company, Sole Investor at Jeou Lian Flagstone Company, Full-time job at stone construction and trading business

Member Ming-Jye Wu Institute of Business and Law, Bournemouth University , UK Staff of the Personnel and Business department of Nan Shan Life Insurance Company, President of the Chinese Students' Association in UK . Current position: lecturer of the Chienkuo Technology University
Member Ming-Yang Liu Chinese Culture University Ph.D Department of Geography

A Former Lead Assessor of Chinese National Laboratory and a member of Evaluation Technical Committee Officer in charge of temperature、humidity、pressure、quantity of electricity、precipitation、solar radiation and Wind Tunnel Laboratory, Central Weather Bureau Specialist、Senior Technical Specialist、Section Chief、Deputy Director of Meteorological Instruments Center, Central Weather Bureau

Associate Professor at Shih Hsin University

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Taipei Municipal Teachers College

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Chinese Culture University

Creative Director of Department of Toruism 、Director of General Education Center Chienkuo Technology University

Supervisor Ming-Hsiang Huang Feng Chia University section manager, vice manager, and manager at Daming Machinery Company. secretary general of Board of Trustees at Chien-kuo Technology University. current position: advisor at Chien-kuo Technology University